Doctor’s Diary Akiyama Clinic

Carbohydrate Restriction and Hyperlipidemia

November 14, 2023

I've started a diet recently. I began at 82kg, and today I'm at 79.5kg. I'm limiting my carbohydrate intake, which concerns me about low blood sugar. I measured it the day before yesterday and got 105mg/dL, a bit higher than the expected 85mg/dL, possibly due to lactose in the non-fat milk I had before bed.

There is an opinion that impairment of vascular endothelium occurs due to postprandial high blood sugar spikes, with levels around 180mg/dL or even lower at 150mg/dL.

I'll check post-meal blood sugar next time.

Regarding high cholesterol, avoiding rice, bread, noodles, potatoes, and fruits often leads to a diet centered around MEC – Meat, Eggs, Cheese, and butter, dairy, and so on. This could contribute to high cholesterol. Because of controlling blood sugar with carb restriction and receiving a reassuring vascular ultrasound, I neglected cholesterol. I stopped statins and took EPA and ended up having a heart attack with LDL cholesterol exceeding 170mg/dL.

I had been consuming A company's low-carb sweets as snacks, likely containing questionable ingredients. It's crucial to be cautious to limit small portions of such items. There's a story about a journalist on a low-carb diet who, despite controlled blood sugar, passed away due to indulging in fatty meat, fried food, and alcohol.

In a low-carb diet, be mindful of low blood sugar, especially for those on diabetes medication. Regular fingertip blood sugar tests are recommended.Watch out for high cholesterol.

After discharge, I've mostly shifted to a Japanese diet, but I still need to be cautious about salt and sugar in Japanese cuisine.

The diet is progressing well! From 82kg to 78kg, aiming for 77kg – I'll keep at it!