Doctor’s Diary Akiyama Clinic

I'm starting a diet!

November 6, 2023

Until these days, I had maintained a weight of 77kg, but after a recent hospitalization and discharge, I slowly rebounded and finally reached 82kg. The reason for this was my awakening to the deliciousness of hospital food, especially rice. I have a tendency to gain weight easily, as during my university days, I was 73kg, right after marriage, I quickly reached 92kg, and since opening my clinic, I easily crossed 100kg.

I tried various diet methods, but the only one that ultimately succeeded was "low-carb diet." I don't have a predisposition to diabetes, but at that time, I was concerned about "floaters" in my eyes and the fear of developing "diabetic retinopathy," so I followed a strict low-carb diet. To do this, I frequently measured my blood sugar levels, and regardless of whether it was before meals, after meals, or at other times, it was consistently around 85mg/dL. I realized that "glucose synthesis occurs when glycogen in the body is depleted!" I didn't experience much hunger, and it was somewhat of a "lonely feeling" compared to overeating.

In the meantime, I was able to eat almost anything other than carbs freely, and in about six months, I lost 45kg, bringing my weight down to 75kg. After that, I maintained a weight of 77kg. But, after I started balanced meals diet I couldn't continue with the 1600kcal meals same as provided by the nutritionist at the hospital. "Eating in moderation" is impossible for me.

Starting today, I'm bidding farewell to delicious grains and will work towards reducing my weight from 82kg to 77kg!
(Next time, I will discuss cases where low-carb diets were ineffective and the dangers of low-carb diets.)